The first thing when I get a new Android device is to download a replacement application for texting. The messaging app of Android improved quite a bit over past few versions. But it’s just lackluster as compared with the number of options offered in Google Play Store. There are plenty of customization apps through which you can easily play around with features to get your desired new look. So why are you wasting time and getting bored with the default dull messaging app of Android.

Here are some SMS-replacement applications available in Play Store to help you flavor up your texting area with customization of visuals and features.

Chomp SMS

chomp sms

The app which I love the most as it is my SMS replacement app. This has hygienic and easy to use interface with lots of settings to manipulate. It comes with basic themes to get started, but you can further play around with settings and can create you’re custom theme with your own selected colors, font styles and background images. Chomp doesn’t have plenty of features as compared with other SMS replacement apps, but it is good enough if you want to have fun background or pop of color in your texts. You can also manipulate the notification settings including icon of notifications, ringtone and LED blink color. You can simply download it from Google Play Store.

Handcent SMS

handcent sms app

It is a popular app with lots of customizations included via Handcent themes and skins. Handcent themes are easy to customize with different color options, font styles, text bubble styles and background pictures. You can create your own creative Handcent theme, or you can simply browse other themes. The difference between skins and theme is that with themes you can only be able to customize backgrounds and colors, but with skins you can modify almost everything from icons to input boxes to settings menus. Handcent has more features than Chomp, but it is also more lethargic and dawdling. You can download it from Play Store.


GoSMS pro

If you are not particularly keen on creating themes yourself, then you should use GoSMS pro SMS replacement app. This app has library of visually stunning themes which are designed by professional designers. You can choose the one which suits you better. This app is similar to Chomp and Handcent, but the major area where this app got attraction is their library of hundreds of pre-made themes. As these themes are made by professional, so they will not give you free. Each theme is library cost you $2each.

Replacing the stock SMS app from your Android Smartphone is the quickest and easy way to get customizable look of your device. Just download and install any of the app you loves the most.

Note : Remember that when you install your desired app, then you should turn off the notifications coming from default texting app, so that you will not get double notification every time you receive any message. Open up stock messaging app and go to Settings, then in Notification Settings uncheck the box of Notifications.