Windows 8.1 is the latest windows edition developed by Microsoft. Although we have seen rough feedback regarding Windows 8 from users, because of many major issues. But, in Windows 8.1, Microsoft tried their best to give their users useful operating system. In the update of Windows 8, we have old traditional Start button in Windows 8.1 and you can run two application at one time. Multitasking become easy using Windows 8.1.

In this article, I will discuss some best and useful apps for Windows 8.1 which every user must have in their operating system. Here are the top 5 useful apps for Windows 8.1.

  • Khan Academy

The best ever application developer to educate people. It is the first must have application in our list. If you are a teacher or a student of any particular subject, then this app will be helpful for you to understand things in easy manner. There are round about 4000 videos available in the app on different topics which includes Biology, Finance, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Math and Humanities. It is the best education application for student as well as teacher.


  • Remote Desktop

You have already seen many remote desktop software in the market like Team Viewer, so this is not a wonder for anyone to connect their pc to control them remotely. However, the UI version of Remote Desktop in Windows 8.1 is quite impressive and useful. You can effortlessly associate your personal computers by just adding their user names. There are different features in this app which includes accessing of friend’s PC over one click, design is fast and clean, user-friendly environment etc. You can perform multitasking pretty easily by just swapping your mouse. This application is the optimized version of “Remote Desktop” addition.


  • Netflix

Do you love to watch TV programs and Movies, then this app is for you. In Windows 8.1, you can avail Netflix app to watch different TV episodes and movies. This is a paid app, so you have to pay monthly for their subscription charges and after that you can get access to all features of Netflix. You can watch Blu-ray movies in this app along with different TV channels episodes by interacting with its user-friendly interface. High speed internet connection is required in order to stream your movies and episodes un-interruptedly.


  • Cnet

Cnet is the most famous and informative technology website. There is also app available for this website in Windows 8.1. You can get information about all tech related stuff along with product reviews and how to guides. This app has better interface as compared with other tech related websites. You can use this app for free.


  • InspirAtion

The last but not the least must have windows 8.1 app is InspirAtion. This app is especially for creative minded people to turn their imaginations into reality. You can draw any sketch with your hand while using your Tablet. This application is designed particularly for touch based devices. After creating sketch, you can store it into your storage or you can share it with friends on social media.