With millions of app available in the App Store and Google Play, the competition is tough. Creating a quality app is just not enough. You need to be able to promote it if you want to have a strong user-base. An app user acquisition strategy that incorporates the methods mentioned in this post will help your app reach its true potential in terms of app downloads. Whether you are wondering how to advertise an app or how you can leverage social media to boost downloads, the following 5 effective ways to promote your app are just what you need to use.

  1. Use Social Media

Social media is a great platform when it comes to app promotion. It can be used to connect with your target audience through paid advertising and organic content. Organic promotion is as simple as having an online presence such as an Instagram profile, Twitter account, and Facebook page. Create an account and keep posting to grow your app’s popularity. Moreover, you can also use paid social media advertising for people to discover your app.

  1. Improve Your ASO

ASO or App Store optimization is the search engine optimization of the smartphone app world. It plays a crucial role in the discoverability of your app. If you want to achieve solid ASO, you need to develop a unique app name, incorporate relevant keywords, have engaging app description, post 2 to 3 screenshots of the app and have positive app ratings.

  1. Influencer Endorsements

If there is one thing that the Kardashians have made us realize, it is the power of celebrity endorsement. When you spend on a celebrity endorsement, you get to reach a greater target audience. If you have connections with influencers in the tech field or your relevant industry, it would be best if you could hire them to promote your app on their blog or social channels.

  1. Have a “Tell a Friend” feature in the App

Word of mouth continues to influence consumer behavior and if you want more people to download your app, then, you should create an amazing app and reward users for positive word of mouth advertising. A great way to do this is by adding a “Tell a Friend” feature in your app.

  1. Advertise

Finally, if you want to promote your app, you need to spend on app advertising. An app is just like any other traditional product and should be promoted similarly. Mobile app advertising has become common. Apps can be promoted on television and other platforms. The key to creating a killer ad is an understanding of your target audience. You can also check out free advertising apps.


When it comes to app promotion, the sky is the limit. From using social media to advertising the app, the top 5 effective ways to promote your app as mentioned in this post will help you boost downloads. Maximize app promotion by treating your app as a traditional product and focus on developing an app user acquisition strategy.