We can’t remember everything. You just have to note down some notes for business call or any workday planning. But you don’t need to reach your laptop to fulfill this task. Your Smartphone can become your note taking machine with some right apps included in your device. There are many advantages of digital notes; you will not lose these notes as they will be stored on your device. Here are some best apps for note taking purpose to fulfill your daily life routine.

  • Papyrus

It is a multiplatform app, which will give you functionality to jot down notes and making sketches of ideas on your Smartphone through stylus or your fingertip. With this note engine, you can easily cut, copy and paste different items from different pages. It also gives you touch gesturing features so user can zoom and pan your notes easily. Once you have finished all editing, you can sort your notes in different categories and can export to share with co-workers or employees.

  • Evernote

It is robust note taking app in which you can dictate your words or manually type words in notes, snap photos and also can create to-do-lists. The feature of this app includes identification, it can recognize and index printed notes and even handwritten texts can be identified. You can search for any specific words whether they are in pdf format note, typed memo or any photographic note. Evernote is available for different platforms including Windows Phone, Android, iOS , Mac and PC.

  • Google Keep

Google Keep is highly visual android app. It is an app with no-nonsense to create notes and to-do-lists in rush. When user open app, there will be four options to input. User can type or speak to add quick notes, snap a photo or enter items into any list. There is pin board style list in which all items are added in the form of card. For reminding any special to-do-list, there is functionality of alarm added. You can easily snap photo and add it into your board to view them later.

  • OneNote

The biggest advantage of this app over all other apps in this category is its integration with Microsoft office. Your notes can be accessed from anywhere because OneNote robotically syncs with Microsoft OneNote cloud storage. When you want to recall any note, search feature of this app let you search your desire note. In Android, user can see their notes on home screen. It is also available for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

  • GNotes

GNote is another easy to use note taking app. It has the ability to syncs your notes with your Gmail account. GNote give support of speech to text and camera integration. When you link your Google account with your app, it does create Notes folder in your Gmail account. You can easily access your notes from anywhere while using any device because all your notes will syncs to Gmail as attachment.