The popular mobile app Whatsapp is modified by Yousef Al-Basha that is named after him as gbwhatsapp. It is considered as much better than Whatsapp, as per the experiences of the users. They have found that the latest version of this app is more advantageous than any other communicative mobile app, which have encouraged many others to opt for this specially designed MOD apk.

Notable facilities of gbwhatsapp over all the mobile apps

  • The base of gbwhatsapp is upgraded to 2.18.122 that has made this app more user-friendly.
  • The screen that shows the contacts of this mobile app changes automatically according to the colors of the theme chosen and set for this app by the user, thus reflecting the personal choice of the user.
  • The voice message shared between the users can be recorded with just one touch on the gbwhatsapp interface, which can be beneficial for many users.
  • The wallpaper of this app can be chosen according to the desire of the user and he/she can check how it looks exactly on the screen of this MOD apk, by using the option of ‘Lock Wallpaper Preview’ system. Thus, the user can set the wallpaper on gbwhatsapp only after being sure about its best look.
  • The wordings seen in this app are written by using OnePlus Slate font, which is an added feature in the upgraded apk and makes the reading much easier and more enjoyable for the users.

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