The job market is an extremely competitive place these days, and there are usually a large number of people going after the most desirable jobs. That is why people who are seeking employment need to make use of all the tools available, including specially dedicated android apps. What follows is a selection of some of the best android apps available for job hunting.


Professions who are looking for a new job or wish to network with other professionals are sure to find that LinkedIn is an excellent tool. Creating your own profile complete with references and specialist skills is easy and you can also add photographs and samples of your work if you wish. One of the great things about LinkedIn is that you can connect it to social networking sites such as Facebook. This app will then search your contacts for possible work connections and make suggestions of people to contact. A large number of recruitment agencies also use LinkedIn and this is a great way to widen your job hunting horizons.



This international job hunting website offers thousands of jobs all around the world and is updated regularly. Many of the job listings that can be found on Monster are exclusive to this site, making it a great place to look for the role that you have been dreaming of. All the usual job hunting features are available here, including the ability to create a captivating profile and upload your C.V and in addition to searching for work, job hunters can be sure that their profiles will be seen by a large number of agencies and companies who are looking for the perfect person to join their team.



This easy to use app is free to download and can be used on a number of different android platforms including iPhones and Galaxy Tabs. In addition to letting you browse for a new job, JobCompass uses the location information on your android device to offer you new openings in your area. Maps are provided to allow you to see exactly where companies are located and how to reach them and it is also possible to apply for the jobs that catch your eye directly from your android device.



This brand new android app connects with a large number of search engines and other platforms to bring you a wide range of desirable roles around the world. With HireADroid it is possible to make notes on the roles that grab your attention so that you can come back to them any time you choose.



This handy app allows you to hook up with your local job center no matter where you are. People with busy lives can browse for the latest jobs instantly, update their resumes and send applications, even while they are waiting for an interview or on their lunch break. This saves android users the time and trouble of having to make daily trips to their job center and allows them to stay ahead of the game twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.


Of course, using android apps is just one way of searching for employment. In order to find the perfect job you will also want to make sure that you make full use of your local job center as well as recruitment agencies and seek the professional advice of the staff who work there.

Post contributed by Ross Davies. He writes about technology and is a regular blogger on smartphones and their uses in our day to day lives.