In today’s world of digital gadgets, everyone is holding smartphone in their hands. Android is growing its community of users rapidly. Android phones can be joy for typing texts through on screen keyboard, but you would not know this out of the box. The default software for keyboard comes with android based Smartphones are not much efficient. They are not customizable and cluttered ones. If you want to have change regarding this software, then you would have plenty of choice to choose from. There are many third-party apps for your phone’s keyboard in the Google Play Store. You can choose the one which suits you better. There are following four top keyboard alternatives for android based devices.

  • Google Keyboard


Users always want to test new apps for free. So for testing purpose of third-party keyboard that how it will work, Google keyboard is the best option. Users can start using this application as it is free to download from Play Store. On Nexus phones, this keyboard by Google comes as default keyboard, while other phone manufacturing companies like Samsung and HTC tend not to include this as default one. Google keyboard is not the fanciest option available, but with its clean and attractive layout, user can easily drag fingers across each letter to enter words. It is also supportive for gesture typing. It also provides massive control over all settings in the app such as hepatic feedback duration and for secondary characters there are long-press duration settings. If you like to have simple keyboard with clean functionalities, then Google keyboard is the best choice for you.

  • Swype


If you want to enjoy gesture typing, then you should check out this app. This app is the gold standard for gesture typing input. The features of this app include accuracy of gesture typing then other apps in this category and also give word suggestions. For voice dictation, there is built-in software included in this app named as dragon software. This app can be purchased from the store for only $1, but there is trial version available for you to check its working functionality.

  • SwiftKey


Swiftkey is also another amazing default keyboard alternative to use in your android device. This app more emphasizes the tap-based typing. The distinguished feature in this app is its word prediction after you type. Through this feature, you will have next expected coming words in the sentences. This will be time saving method if swiftkey guesses right according to your demand in writing sentences, but when gesture typing got wrong, then you will have to hit backspace for seeing alternative word suggestions. This app will cost you $4, but you can try this app free for one month.