The vast majority of the public is the block at the time of being a parent, a time when your life changes completely, you have to leave some sections hobbies to properly care for your son or daughter and after that take time to your partner. Children are unfortunately not in children but are slowly growing and are imitating what made ​​the biggest,  but you as a parent do not believe it appropriate to leave it in a huff iPad can be converted into a flying object.

Why not let our children iPad? This is a question posed to an iPad since you can benefit substantially if we know how to get it out, you can download games for your child to play or applications for the child to draw or paint figures but, what if we go further? And if we use for our son to learn fun? Seems a bit silly question but it is not because in Technology Ace have made a compilation of the best apps for iPad calligraphy for your child to learn enjoying himself.

kids App


ABC Kit is an extraordinary iPad app as its own name suggests we will see the letters of the alphabet and you can select from three options that allows the application: know, listen and write. If you choose the option to “know” we will be able to see the related letters each with an animal or object. By “listening” we will be able to hear the phonetics of the letters, and finally with the “type” we will be able to draw the letters following a stroke for our son to learn and write correctly. A simple but very practical application so that our children can learn by playing