Apple’s iPhone 5 is well known for its privacy and network security features but it may allow you to go an extra mile in setting up your own incredible privacy in communication. This involves the use of VPN services which are configurable on a majority of mobile devices including iPhone 5. Configuring VPN on your phone virtually creates an encrypted communication channel by which your data travels without access to your private information by a third party.

Numerous benefits accompany the configuration of VPN on your iPhone. For instance, it can help you stay safe from data snooping and avoid loss of personal data as mentioned earlier. However, majority of people still find VPN configuration a difficult task. The following step by step guide will make you realize how easy it is to configure VPN on iPhone 5 step by step.

Step 1

Navigate to the iPhone 5 settings on your phone. This step is actually very easy if you already have a Settings shortcut on your home screen. Select the General option from the Settings’ menu. Once you have selected the General option, scroll down on the menu that comes up to the Network option.

Step 2

On the Network menu, select VPN option from which it gives you an option to add VPN configurations. Select Add VPN configurations to create a new VPN connection. This option provides you with all the relevant details required to set up your VPN.


From the field of relevant details, choose PPTP which is the most common profile used in VPN configuration of iPhone 5. This set up is also similar to the L2TP profile except that it has an additional feature requiring a shared VPN key from your provider. To go on with further steps, add this to your VPN configuration.

Step 4

This step involves the addition of your VPN configuration key as provided by your VPN provider. In the description field of your new VPN, select the most appropriate VPN connection name. For instance, it can be a name based on your location like USA VPN or your VPN provider name.

Step 5

After selecting your VPN connection name, it is required that you select the server name provide by your VPN service provider. The server name provided in most cases is different from the connection name. Just like the server name, fill in the details account name and password as provided also by your VPN service provider.

Step 6

This step involves turning off your RSA secure ID after filling the three mandatory details mentioned in the above. Secure mode of your RSA identity ensures that your virtual private network is secure.

Step 7

To move on further with the encryption of your iPhone VPN, turn on the Send All traffic option. This step completes your VPN configuration for iPhone 5 after providing all the correct required details. Save your settings and go back to your home menu.

This step by step guide completes your virtual private network (VPN) configuration process. Once you are done, a VPN slider Tab is added under your iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi tab. If you want to browse securely, turn on the VPN protection for iPhone 5. Enjoy the benefits of browsing the internet anonymously and securely.

This post has been contributed by Maya on behalf of SwitchVPN, a VPN server that provides anonymous and safe surfing, opportunity to unblock sites and much more.