Fed up using the old and default version of keyboards on your iPhone?  If you want something new with your keyboard then iOS has the solution. With the release of iOS 8 and its amazing and fantastic features, it has provided its users with an option to change their default keyboards and can customize it.

Apple has long been known for its traditional form of keyboards for writing texts. Emails and other texts. Many people said that the traditional keyboard in all its models was boring and with new features they wanted something new with the keyboard too. Its competitor Android was working for new keyboards and was attracting audience.

With iOS 8 now you can easily customize your keyboard. They can change their default setting and can add great variety of features.  For using a customize keyboard following are some of the requirements:

  1. You must have iOS 8 or higher

Since this new feature of adding customize keyboard was initially featured in iOS 8, so in order to get one you must have an iOS 8 or higher version running on your iPhone.

  1. Keyboard App already Installed

Basically the Custom keyboards on iOS are the apps that make it function. So you actually installed a keyboard app rather installing a keyboard.

How to Install a New Keyboard

Installing the new keyboard app isn’t a difficult task, once you know the requirements then you just have to follow few steps to install it

  1. Select the keyboards app from your App store, download it and install it on your phone.
  2. Go to the settings icon on home screen
  3. Select General
  4. At the bottom of the screen select Keyboard
  5. Select Keyboard
  6. Tap Add New Keyboard
  7. Once you go to step 6, you’ll see third party keyboards if installed previously on your phone. Select the one that you want to use on your phone and tap it.

Various Keyboards app

With custom keyboards app, you get a variety of styles of keyboard to use which are:

  1. Swype Keyboard:  this one is the most famous and alternative keyboards. It has been available on android too. With this you can easily drag fingers on the keyboard on multiple keys that makes it easier for you to use.
  2.  Swift Key:  With the help of Swift key, you get help in predicting your next word or to write more accurately and quickly.  It examines contents of your emails, your social networks and then provides predictive words.
  1. Fleksy:  it is known as one of the fastest keyboards. It offers excellent speed, various colorful themes to make your keyboard customize, multi languages option, custom gestures and also a resizable keyboard.