In order to capture some great moments pictures and videos are the tool to help us remember old good days and to cherish and relive the moments. With the innovations and creativity and era of Smartphones, camera and videos have evolved too and today we have hundreds and thousands of various different apps that can help us in making some great videos easily and without costing any money.

Many people want to deliver their point faster in short amount of time, this is when the amazing apps for video sharing steps in. some amazing shortest time lengths videos can make a huge impact than a longer one. Following are some of the video sharing apps that are created for average mobile users who wish to get straight to point.

  1. Vine:  Vine is one of the most popular video sharing app that is very famous among twitter users as it provides convenience and auto play features for the twitter streams. This app provides its users with one six seconds of time limit in which you have to deliver your point. Six seconds sounds too short but can bring out some big creative ideas and great video. All the users of vine video are allowed to automatically loop within the app anywhere it’s shared online.
  1. Instagram: who doesn’t know about the famous and smartest app Instagram! It has been ranked as one of the favorite app for mobile photo and video sharing. Yes, you can easily upload videos on instagram which allows users to post videos with as minimum as of 3 seconds and maximum 15 seconds of video.  Currently, there’s no feature for filtering out videos content on it.
  1. Snapchat:  very recently, Snapchat has become very famous app for photos and video sharing. It works similar like Instagram. The photos and videos on Snapchat self-destruct once your recipients have viewed them. The time limit that Snapchat allows its users for videos is a maximum of 10 seconds. With Snapchat, you can send video messages and photos to your friends, families; post them as Snapchat stories which can be viewed by all your friends for a period of 24 hours.
  1. Viddy: The 3 major apps Snapchat, Instagram and Vine have although catered the market of video sharing but the Viddy app provides you a little more footage time. This new and fantastic app allows its users to film and post the videos of a time up to 30 seconds which Instagram, Snapchat and Vine don’t provide. Many celebrities and popular stars refer to this app to deliver their messages to fans or post their videos.  It also offers a set of varied features including group chats, editing and so forth.