It’s impossible to run any successful business without taking health, safety and welfare seriously. It doesn’t have to be complicated or need to be an area where you have to bring in a team of experts to run your business for you, but if you’re armed with an iPhone and these essential apps, it will save you time and money and let you get on with running your business and make your safety planning a breeze.

First Aid by British Red Cross

No matter what type of business you run, you’re going to need to be prepared in the event of an emergency. There is always the risk of someone being injured while on your premises and these are the times when you need to be prepared. If you don’t have first aid training you’re going to need some help and this is where this app comes in. Right at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you will need to make those critical decisions you will need to make before help gets there. And if you don’t need the app in an emergency, it’s a great booster to help you learn some great tips!


Fire Safety Awareness

While this app from AAT Training Hub won’t claim to make you an overnight firefighter, it will teach you the basics of fire control and give you enough information that could save your life if you were ever faced with a fire at work. Not only will this teach you about all the different types of fires and help you to understand how best to get them under control, but to learn the differences between all the extinguishers and equipment at your disposal for tackling fires safely, and also, when it’s best to leave it to the professionals. One you literally can’t live without.


Occupation Health & Safety

This app from Smart Media Innovations takes a different approach to most tools that you will have at your disposal. Rather than being able to help you out in an emergency, this is an invaluable resource giving you access to a massive pool of information, discussions, and topics and webinars chaired by experts in occupational health and safety across the globe. If you need information on workplace safety, occupational health, training or anything else, with this app it is literally in the palm of your hands.


eRisk Assessment

Whether you’re working on arranging the layout of your premises, or looking at how you provide facilities for your staff or customers, you’re going to have to undertake some form of health and safety risk assessment. They can be incredibly tiresome and monotonous tasks not helped by the amount of paperwork that you have to complete, but this app takes all that stress away from you. Its built-in databases cover most major hazards that you are likely to encounter at work, as well as solutions to remedy problems that may arise.


Manual Handling

Now this great app from SHRC is something that a lot of people give little thought to, but it could make a real impact on long-term health… The app is basically a series of tutorial videos on manual handling and takes you through the basics of why you need to correctly lift and carry different objects, through to proper techniques and the best approach you should take to lifting duties. This is the perfect app to help you reduce the risk of back strain and injury while you’re at work and hopefully reduce the risk of needing the first aid app at the same time!


It goes without saying that while these apps will make a real difference to your business, it won’t make you an expert overnight. To protect your business legally, you will need to get expert assistance to make sure that your staff have been properly trained, and that your company has all of the relevant health and safety certificates that you need.

Author Bio: Ross Davies is an expert in all methods of health and safety training. He is also a keen blogger on employment and health and safety issues.