There are a lot of different projects on Kickstarter. Some of them don’t have a change to succeed at all, others have quite a promising goal in mind. One of the projects who certainly belongs to the second category is Blawzy. What kind of project is this? What goal do they have in mind? All your questions will be answered today in this article!

What is Blawzy?

Let’s begin with the project itself, what is Blawzy exactly? Blawzy is a new app that is there to support survivors of all sort of traumatic experiences or events. The makers of Blawzy know that these people want to be heard, they want to express their story to someone they can trust. Within the app there are different kind of unique features, one of them is the message function for the support community. This in combination with the tips and tricks regarding legal and mental aid makes is the single best app to use to cope with your traumatic experiences.

Inspired by #Metoo

We all know someone who has been molested or abused in the past. This may sound harsh, but it is the truth, every year thousands of people are dealing with traumatic experiences. The only way to combat this is to combine all our powers to support the people in need. The people from Blawzy App wanted to provide these people with a supporting community, a place they could trust. They wanted to make sure that all the stories, how terrific and bad as they may be, would be heard by the outside world.

How does Blawzy work?

Blawzy is the first project that gives the people in need a place to share their story, this is exactly what makes this project so unique. When you use the app, you will usually follow a three-step process. The first thing is that the traumatic event will be documented. What has happened? Do you know anything about the person who did it? When did it take place? This thorough documentation will make sure that the legal process will be easier in the future. The second phase is support, the team of Blawzy want to make sure that you can feel safe. Thanks to the large community you know that you are not alone, there are always people who can help you out. The last phase within the app is to start your mental and judicial procedures. The app offers all sort of tips and tricks from experts, this will help you with these claims.

As you can see, Blawzy is one of the most promising projects on Kickstarter. It is the first project that is focused on the people in need, thanks to this app all the victims of these traumatic events will be able to cope with it. Sharing your story with others and becoming part of a large support community is the single best way to forget the traumatic event and to finally start living life to the fullest again.