The death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, after a police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes, has spurred global protests in the last three weeks.  The brutal death of Mr. Floyd in the hands of a white police officer has once again turned the spotlight on the issue of police brutality. The death of Mr. Floyd is one of the many killings that have been perpetrated by the police against the blacks in the U.S. In the recent past, a 26-year-old medic—Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville Metro Police Department officers while executing a search warrant. Police violence is not a new phenomenon in the U.S. It’s something with a long, painful history dating back to the 18th century. In 2019 alone, around 1000 people were shot and killed by the police in the U.S. Going by these troubling statistics and trends, it’s evident that something needs to be done to turn things around.


Although police violence is rife in the U.S., we must acknowledge that there exist good police officers who do their work with diligence and utmost professionalism. Such police officers need to get the proper recognition they deserve. This is the main idea behind the EYEONPOLICE APP.

The EYEONPOLICE APP is the first social app that is designed to break the cycle of police brutality by allowing people to directly report good and bad police to the app. This revolutionary app is the brainchild of a group of people who want to end police brutality and anti-black racism.  Basically, this app allows people to report police officers for bad conduct or good conduct. This would not only help to build trust between the police and the public but also to hold police officers accountable for their actions. Besides, through this app, the public will be able to identify good cops who are doing their job as required and deserve to be praised, awarded, and promoted. The EYEONPOLICE APP works in a similar way to Yelp—which lets users post reviews and rate businesses.


In the digital era we are living today, it’s possible to leverage technology and social media to break the cycle of police violence in our communities. The EYEONPOLICE APP provides a convenient platform to review and rate police officers based on how they conduct themselves in the line of duty. Through this app, the public can notify the police department and city officials of bad cops who are a threat to the general public. If a police officer gets bad reviews by numerous different people, it shows that they are a high risk, and the police department should counsel the officer and implement the necessary interventions to safeguard the public. On the other hand, a police officer who receives good reviews from numerous different people can be rewarded and encouraged to continue safeguarding the public.

Generally, the EYEONPOLICE APP is a one-of-a-kind app that will instill accountability in the police departments and build trust between law enforcers and the public.