If you believe that a few days ago your iPad battery lasts you quite less than normal, it may be because the Facebook app, according to studies that have been done to see what is causing this battery depletion in our Apple device. A developer, after seeing that the iPhone 4S battery lasted considerably less for a few days went to work to find a solution by analyzing iOS apps I had installed.

The result strange since he came from the Facebook application for iOS that was updated a few days ago in our Apple devices, as this developer concluded that the Facebook application for the iPad has a very active processes and integrates very significantly with our iPad processor, giving it a higher battery consumption.

The application on the Facebook Messenger Facebook chat with your allow us video calls and voice calls via VoIP And This sea hare Processes That required several open take our iPad in the background, which are Continually updated. Besides This application even if you Maintain Open when the hill from the multitasking bar so the battery our iPad is following consuming but I have in the application Open.

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The only way to solve this problem is through our iPad off and not open those Facebook applications at any time and, thus, are not consuming battery but comes great loss of performance by turning off the device every time we use the implementation of the social network Facebook, despite of this do not mind, could be a solution.

Another prove much more effective solution would be to uninstall Facebook applications for our device until they are updated and access this network through the Safari browser, creating a shortcut on our springboard, since it has been shown that entering the web, these problems no battery consumption in our devices.