It’s a rumor that Facebook messenger will stop working by end of this March on selected devices.

facebook messenger platform

Facebook messenger is an app which is used worldwide and if it would stop working, billions of users will be affected. Facebook messenger is source of enormous communication and all people are having stake that if really it happens then either they should use the Smartphone’s or not?? People are compelled to think about it seriously.

Facebook announced that handsets running Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier will no longer have access to Messenger app.

Microsoft’s mobiles platform is not as popular as Android or iOS, and this decision is somewhat a surprise.

This move could affect billions of users, and force people to have to upgrade their phone to continue using the app. People will be compelled to do it to run this app. Facebook has already started emailing its users which are still using Windows 8.1 or earlier powered devices.

It adds: “To continue to send and receive messages from Facebook on your phone, update you Facebook app to the latest version.”