The term “calculator” has gone today to be a somewhat ambiguous term, a few years ago; having a calculator was an essential tool for school, high school and some college careers.

The calculator was a must buy as it worked much with it and it was an instrument relatively small and easy to carry in a backpack, these days so many people do not carry a calculator in his backpack because we have other devices in addition to other uses also have the use of calculator.

In our iPad we investigate the Appstore to find applications that make calculator, there are various normal and scientific, with better design or worse and more customizable or less, but they all share something in common which is that we use a calculator appears in screen and have to keep pressing the number and signs to operate the calculator. Myscript Calculator takes the term a little further as this does not have to go a few virtual buttons by pressing them but shows blank graph paper with the peculiarity that we can write on with your finger or stylus so without pressing we can draw buttons to perform mathematical operations.

Myscript Calculator works really well as recognize the operations we want to perform with just draw them on screen and automatically become our number virtual numbers and automatically perform the mathematical operation, this app works really well and is able to perform complex mathematical operations that we can facilitate a lot when working with numbers and operations. Best of all is that this application can be found for free on the Appstore. Definitely a must download application for our iPad which will surely going to make much use in day to day.