Let us start by talking about Kik messenger— an application that boasts of the best set of security features and a host of other nifty enhancements. When it comes to using this app, safety and privacy are of paramount importance. This is why we are going to discuss a bit more about the features associated with the same.

1. Keeping Shady Users at Bay

Kik allows us to add users based on Kik codes or kik usernames. However, there are times when the privy details of an account are leaked and the username is revealed. This is where Kik messenger has included the concept of blocking users which are not validated or legit. This application allows us to block any specific individual, just like some of the other popular applications in the market.

2. The Concept of Reporting

If blocking sounds too harsh on someone and someone’s image, there is an aspect called reporting. Any user can be reported for his or her misbehavior and Kik interactive will surely look into the matter pretty closely. Moreover, reporting allows us to understand the policies of the application in a much better way.

3. Dealing with Groups

Getting added to a group can be difficult at times. More so, when the approach is involuntary. However, one can easily leave the group at any specific time and even block the same without causing much of an issue. Group chats over Kik interactive are mostly fun but if something is bothering— users can always switch towards the harder path.

Bottom Line:

The best thing about using Kik messenger is that all these security features hold true even for the kik online login process. While this app comes with the best set of security features for a messaging application, there are other updates which are slowly but steadily rolling out with time.