With the recent addition of its Spam Filter, Google Voice is making it easier than ever to block unwanted callers and protect your privacy to keep those pesky callers away.

According to Google’s Workspace, Google Voice is now providing users with advanced call screening features to better protect against malicious spammers – showing ‘Suspected Spam Caller‘ alerts on both incoming calls and in user’s call history. Plus, Google has equipped phone owners with a suite of tools upon the release of this feature!

How does it Work?

Google will stop suspected spam callers from ever bothering you again. If one happens to make it through, simply confirm their suspicion and the nuisance won’t appear on your phone anymore! If Google has wrongfully labeled a call as spam, you can easily make sure it won’t happen again. Simply tell Google that the number is “not spam,” and they’ll correct their records so future calls show up properly in your screen.

Image Credit: Google

Google is bringing much-needed spam and scam protection to their Voice users by introducing the same tagging system already seen in the Phone app. This should enable you to easily identify shady callers at a glance!

With its cutting-edge AI, Google is able to accurately identify billions of malicious spam calls every single month – safeguarding all users within their calling ecosystem.

How to Activate?

This feature will initially be disabled when it arrives on the Google Voice app. To turn this feature on, head to Settings > Security > Filter. With Google’s latest feature, say goodbye to pesky spam calls. Not only will these be sent straight to voicemail, but you’ll also find them logged in the dedicated “spam” folder without appearing in your call history.

Google Voice just rolled out another helpful feature for its users earlier this month, offering even more convenience to stay connected. With the previous update, Voice has provided superior call quality by introducing an automatic switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data. This means that in case of a Wi-Fi outage during calls, you can stay connected without any interruption as Voice will instantly search for the best available network to ensure your conversation never stops!

Voice now includes failover protections for when you’re on a call and the network drops, making it an even better way to stay connected!