How does one open a b6z file from an email or downloaded from the web?  What is a b6z file?  Let’s answer these questions and provide answers on how to use B6Zip to open b6z files.

B6Z files are compressed archives which mean that they contain potentially several files within them, potentially as well as a folder structure.  Compressed files are files that have been made smaller through compression algorithms.  This lets the file be transferred more efficiently and take up less space on your hard drive or on the internet.  Also, archives allow multiple files to be saved into a single file.  In short, B6Z files are a space-saving way of storing files or a collection of files.

There exist many compression algorithms and techniques.  The current state of the art compression format is the b6z file.  Opening b6z files requires the B6Zip app to be used.  B6Zip is available as a MacOS X application and can be downloaded from the web easily.  Other benefits of b6z files include international character set support allow Multi-language filenames to be saved.  This is a reason b6z files are often used by people who know different languages.

B6Z format is a lossless compression meaning that the data within will extract to 100% exactly the same as it was compressed.  This differs from formats such as jpeg which lose image quality based on compression level.  Compression level can be chosen inside of the B6Zip app and will give varying degrees of compression ratios at the expense of more processing time needed.

If you use an Apple Mac computer then we recommend the B6Zip app to open b6z files.  B6Zip is one of the classic Mac utilities that contain a complete set of algorithms to open various types of compressed archives that are found on the web.