Viber Releases for Mac and Windows Versions, Redesigned Apps for Android and Reaches 200 Million Users


Viber today announced the launch of new versions for Mac and Windows, so from today’s competition with Skype takes another color, and not only be in the mobile device market, where it is present with applications for different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Bada), from today will also be present where Skype is stronger, in the Windows and Mac desktop, Also announced that they reached 200 million users around the globe.

Viber for Mac and Windows syncs contacts, messages and call history app Viber the mobile device, so you can start a conversation on the phone and continue it on your computer.

viber 1

The main features of these desktop versions are

  • Voice calls HD
  • Video calls
  • Text messages and pictures for free
  • Group Chat
  • They also updated the Android and iOS versions and major improvements are

 viber 2


• Compatibility with all the new features Viber Desktop, WINDOWS and MacOS!

• Transfer live calls between Viber on your Android and Windows or MacOS

• The user interface has been redesigned to provide the most recent Android

• At this time, the online status is not available

• Send video messages to your friends

• Improved speech engine

• New cool stickers

• Viber is now localized in: Swedish, Turkish, Korean and Dutch

 viber 3


• Compatibility with all the new features Viber Desktop, WINDOWS and MacOS!

• Transfer live calls between Viber iPhone on Windows or MacOS

• You can now send video messages to your friends

• The brand new voice engine improves sound quality networks both high and low quality

• The online status indicator tells you when your friends are connected to Viber. Note: Users can receive messages even when not connected.

• An application banner indicating you have received new messages

• Automatically download new pictures, for viewing fast

• Easily navigate between photos that send specific users or groups

• Show on the message display only groups, in order to quickly find a specific group

• Photos and bigger photos thumbnails

• Display contacts information aesthetics

• New bundle of fun stickers

• Accessibility now supported


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