Making the most of our free time is not as easy as one might think. With so much information available to use, it can be difficult to turn your free time into fun time and that is why you need to try the iFUN App which has been uniquely designed to turn your free time into fun time.

iFUN is an app which allows you to easily connect with family and friends in the real world and not just digitally. Sometimes, we just want to get out with and enjoy life instead of just working and that is exactly what the app does for it users.

The Ultimate Lifestyle Management App

The best thing about the iFUN App is that fact that it has a multi-function AI lifestyle management system which offers users the solutions they need to live their life the fullest and enjoy every single moment of their life.

Most people spend their time scrolling through Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite and public websites to find new and interesting events which is time consuming and not an effective way to find events. It might be nearly impossible to check your calendar and match the free time with that of your friends and family is why you need to try the All-in-one APP for Calendar+Event+Chat+Payment, partner with Eventbrite & Ticketmaster & NYU Startup School to live the best life.

iFUN APP: Let AI Turn Your Free Time into Fun Time

Offers Everything

There is no other app like it, iFUN gives you features which are powerful and highly useful such as the calendar feature, event feature, chat feature, payment feature and much more. It offers you secure payment features right on the app and the greatest thing about the app is that it allows your friends to pay their portion up front.

iFUN Gives You Fun Around Your Free Time

It can be frustrating having to ask your friends when they are free and if they are interested in going to an event as well as making payment but with iFUN it is all possible. The app has been built to provide you fun around your free time.

Uses AI

The iFUN App uses AI to smartly make plans for you and let you relax during your free time. The AI involved in the app is of high quality and works very fast which in turn makes it possible for you to easily make plans and attend all the latest events with your friends without having to worry about coordination.

Easy to Use Interface

The interface of the app is easy to use and that is why just about anyone can use the app to enjoy their free time. Use the many features available on the app to make the most of your time and not worry about having to ever plan an event on your own.

Best Partners

The app has the best partners which are Eventbrite, Ticketmaster and NYU Startup School. It just got much easier to make secure payments with iFUN the most reliable app out there.