You must have posted your questions to a forum or on Facebook group and maybe through a tweet on Twitter. Everyone has so many questions in one’s life and this is just a normal thing in today’s busy life where no one has time to stop and read a book to find an answer. To let you ask your questions and get their answers, Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone has introduced a new application called Jelly that works on the objectives of gathering questions and getting their answers all under one roof. You got a question, just ask it out and wait for the best answer only for few minutes.

 Jelly App

What’s New in it?

This new app from Biz Stone has a simple yet intense algorithm to work for you. Though you may feel that this app is too late as there are already so many options from where you can get your answers like Yahoo Answers, Quora, Online Forums and many other things online from where you can get all the answers of every next query that comes into your mind then what is the use of this app despite all these countless options right? The major problem with all that options is that you may get the answer but after couple of hours and through this application, you just get the answer after few minutes because this app is on your smart phone that you mostly carry in your pocket or may be in your hand. You want to ask a question, just post it through the app and get the answer after few minutes.

How does it Work?

This app works on quite simple rule. You find something interesting but complicated thing on the way and want to know about that thing let say you were walking alongside the trees and you saw a squirrel holding something in its mouth that fascinated you but in the same time made you curious about that thing so you put out your handset and click the photo of it and then post it on Jelly to ask about it. Guess what, you can get answers right from your friends or may be from the friend of your friends who ever knows about it. You got the answer without logging back to your account or opening your email account.

Negative Aspects:

However this app has been liked by so many people but there are some drawbacks that you may find in this app like this app has no back button and if you want to go back on a previous page, you can’t do that if you want notification from an interesting question, then you can check the star to get the notification of that question.