While apps become more powerful and more prevalent, small business owners and entrepreneurs are depending on these savvy kits to assist their businesses run and grow more efficiently. These top 10 technology apps get you connected, visible and organised – moreover they will possibly contribute to your business success:

1. Evernote


Ever heard a perfect idea whilst flying cross-country? This app (Evernote) ensures that users “Recall everything.” By letting users to organise, store and share photos, voice notes and text, entrepreneurs are able to keep track of every brilliant idea they have.

2. Google drive

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Developing Google Docs, this new Drive app of Google allows users to seamlessly edit and port files from smartphone to tablet to PC and vice versa. Other than being a wholly-featured office suit, this software also works as a complete cloud drive, allowing you to store all types of files via web interfaces or virtual drive apps.

3. FormMobi

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Known as a “virtual clipboard,” this app allows experts in the field to easily collect and distribute information on all mobile devices. FormMobi has strong functionality and is also a solid device for completing forms on-the-go. Various features include the capacity to take pictures, generate CAD-quality sketches, record audio and collect signatures.

4. Bump


Bump is an innovative networking app that lets entrepreneurs to replace traditional business cards with the virtual ones. Users are able to trade photos, files and contact information by merely “bumping” together two Smartphones.

5. Tripit


Anybody who had to make 3 connecting flights and hire a vehicle on that same day can confirm the need for simple and comprehensive itineraries. Tripit lets business travellers to do that by following trip arrangements in a single unified place. In addition, the app gathers maps, directions and weather updates to make travelling simple.

6. LocalVox


This is a web marketing app which lets mortar and brick businesses to make their brands online. LocalVox allows users to publish events, deal announcements and events by clicking buttons across different online channels, including websites, social media, email newsletters and local directories.

7. Expensfy


If managing tours is hard, managing expenditures can be almost impossible. Enter Expensfy, a technology app that trails mileage and business expenses, while allowing users to upload and scan receipts.

8. Asana


Billed as a joint information administrator, Asana is an intuitive and simple alternative to complex work administration software. Asana lets users to not only manage work projects, but also personal events and projects in one simple-to navigate interface.

9. InDinero


Invented in 2010 by 2 campus students, Andy Su and Jessica Mah, InDinero is a simple way to keeping track of trade cash flow and control daily finances. The app can sync up to credit cards and bank accounts and assists businesses in predicting future cash flows based on trends of the past cash flows.

10. Square


Square is adjusting how we transact by allowing anybody with a tablet or smartphone to easily admit credit card payments. The service takes only 2.75 % of every transaction, and there are no monthly fees or sign-ups.


Above are some of the latest technology apps that guarantee the success of a business, if properly utilised. For more information about any of the apps, you should consider enquiring from the respective service providers by calling the customer care using the sky contact.