Yesterday we saw how Twitter launched Vine for Android, an application to make short videos that already existed in iOS but now comes to Android. This application has been quite successful, even more than was expected to occur and we have seen examples that had great creativity. But we have also seen a trend that happened with Instagram and it seems to be the dominant note in launching new applications. First go to iOS and then as if that will do for the Android. And this is, in my view, the big difference between iOS and Android.

Differences between the two operating systems can mention many. That if one is open, that if the other is simple. That if one can be customized, if the other updates when touched. We have many more examples but you really have to import is the difference in applications. Today’s mobile operating system is measured by the success of its app store. That is why it costs that Windows Phone is relevant and bought one is because if we run out of application for some of the services we use.

iOS has always been king in this sort of thing. The best apps were there, the developers saw money to risk doing something good and this made ​​the AppStore wheel work. And one would think that with the optimism that there are about everything that happens to Android, this problem would be solved.

Yes there are steps in the right direction and make Google Play is a more seriously where you post something. I do not find much junk and that is appreciated. People start to pay more for applications and developers that so thank you. But the road is long and needs to be done.

Yesterday’s case is one of many. We had the case of Instagram and, for example, have a Twitter Music that currently shows no signs of life. And that in the applications, a field in which we can usually find decent alternatives. Just good games for Android or fall or do so later, when success on iOS and is overwhelming.

This week they come out for iOS some very good games. Star Wars KOTOR, Contra: Evolution or Warhammer Quest have had very good reviews and are high quality games. But no news of Android will be available if and when they will. Same with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, that there are no plans to release it for Android. Or one of the recent bombings Indies, Dots, which has no Android version and to which they have already gone clones that capitalize on that.

So, in Android you can find good applications. Since the change to the interface Holo many are even very nice but there is no denying that most important applications and games still go first to iOS. And until this changes Android will always be a step below.

As for Apple, it seems they do not have to do much to keep dominating this trend. The AppStore collateral works and services are pretty bad as Game Center and iCloud makes no developers prefer Android. We will see that we have at WWDC 2013, which you can follow here on Hypertext and with a special episode of LST at the end.