Do you want to get rid of that boring lock screen in your android smartphone? Good news is that you can do that with some apps from Google Play Store. With the help of those apps, you will be able to make your lock screen looks in a way you want. You cannot only add couple widgets, but you can make your lock screen funky by choosing right apps for this purpose. Some minimalist circles, cubed tiles and some cute monsters that are going to eat unlock icon by sliding over them. You can also make your screen look like iOS and Windows 8 device screens.

The easiest app to start manipulating your lock screen interface is GO Locker. It is an add-on to the launcher replacement app GO Launcher. There are multiple themes available, which are not free technically, but you can nab them with little effort by using GetJar gold. First of all, just download GO launcher EX and install it.

Go Locker Horror Theme

Go Locker theme

Once you have installed the Go Launcher, you can now download add-on of Go Locker. After opening Go Locker, you will see variety of themes, which can be downloaded by paying amount of round about $1.99 for each theme. If you are not interested in spending money on buying themes, then you can download it through GetJar gold. One can earn GetJar gold by downloading different sponsored apps. If you have package of internet to download multiple sponsored themes and time, then this is not a bad way of getting themes. You can buy Go Locker VIP to get access to all themes for hefty $20.

Once you install the Go Locker, you will see Installed written at the top of the screen. Tap that one to see all themes you have downloaded. You can apply any of your choice themes as your lock screen by tapping on apply button underneath every theme. You will have to disable your device default lock screen by going to Settings Menu and there will be Lock Screen option buried under the Personal option. Tap Screen Lock from here and then choose none to disable lock screen. If anyone doesn’t disable the default screen, then he will be using two lock screens. For giving some security to GO Locker lock screen, open the application and then go to Settings and in More Settings there will be Security. You can assign PIN or Pattern to your lock screen.

If any user is willing to replace the default lock screen of android smartphone, then Go Locker will be excellent choice for him. There are more than 400 themes available in the Go Store, which are organized based on different categories. There are themes regarding fun, entertainment, and from love themes to technology stuff. You can choose the one which suits your taste.