Gathering customer feedback has become a big issue for business organizations. Customers are getting ignorant to survey proposals and in giving feedbacks to online business organizations. You are lucky if you are getting feedbacks from your site. In case of online customers, it really becomes a challenge to record proper feedbacks of your existing customers. Relatively, businesses are exploring better options to collect valuable feedbacks of their customers. It has also been seen that business organizations are provide gifts and luring offers in return of feedbacks but are failing in collecting authentic feedbacks from their customers. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to experiment innovative applications in their websites to get feedbacks of their clients. Some of the most trusted applications are given further. You just need to choose your desirable applications for your website. Apart from these applications, you can also take web application development services. By taking these services, you can create custom applications for your site.

1-      UserVoice

This is an innovative web application to record varied feedbacks of your clients. It can embed in your website front-end. Your users can easily access this forum by clicking over a widget and reach over forum page of your website. Your site visitors can easily submit their inputs and talk about their issues. Additionally, you can also run polls in your forum page and let your customers vote on your polls. By installing this application in your website, you can easily respond to your customer’s queries. Your responses will create scope for two-way communication that will gather valuable feedbacks for you. You can choose any plan from free to $289 per month and more.


2-      Get Satisfaction

It is a user support community. This community allows businesses and independent users to make their personal and company accounts in this community. Businesses can create forum like pages and provide their customers to communicate with the company regarding company, products, and services. Moreover, business organizations can assign specific professionals to answer the question of their customers. You can also integrate your Facebook page with your support page and allow your customers to come over your Facebook profile. Therefore, it is highly helpful for business organizations in terms of gaining insights about their customers. The cost of using this app also varies from free to $289 per month or more.

get satisfaction

3-      Feedbackify

This is an innovative web application, which allows you as website owner to let your customers answer some special questions such as ratings. Moreover, you can also get categorized feedbacks by assigning categories like submit bug, customer voice, and suggestions. You can easily collect pinpoint feedbacks from your customers but you cannot reply from within the application. Though, you will get enough information about the submitter to communicate with any other manner. Considerably, it has only one plan that will cost you about $19 per month.


4-      SuggestionBox

This web application is also like a community for businesses and customers. Users can come up to this community, make pages of any company, without company’s permission. In this app, customers can provide their inputs in form of suggestions and fellow submitters can vote their inputs. Business organization can make their pages or claims for the existing ones. The cost of using this application will go up to $49.50 per month.

suggestion box

5-      Kampyle

This application is similar to feedbackify. It also let the business owners to ask specific question. Additionally, it also allows business organizations to communicate with their customers in a hassle free manner. Moreover, it also has an impressive feature. You can integrate your application with Google Analytics, Omniture and Nedstate. Moreover, you can also integrate this app with for CRM purpose. The integration with these tools gives better insights about the interaction of customers with website. The cost of using this application is $499/per month.


You can choose any one of these web applications. You just need to analyze each web application in order to satisfy your needs. In case, you do not find any of these applications suitable for your purpose then you can take Web application development services from experienced coding agency. An appropriate web application will improvise your customer feedback management process. Therefore, the thorough analysis is essential while choosing your web application.

This post has been contributed by Jason Roiz who works for a drupal development company – helping young businesses in hiring drupal programmers.