Firefox is currently leading the race when it comes to popular browsers used by the Internet users for browsing numerous benefits. It’s easy to use interface, multiple features, and compatibility with multiple devices has played a great part in achieving the high-popularity. However, you can enhance the usability of this browser up to a great deal by downloading extensions for Firefox. There are plenty of extensions available; therefore choosing the right ones can prove to be an overwhelming experience. For the convenience of our readers, we have compiled a list of must-have extensions for your Firefox browser. Let’s have a look at them.


LastPass is an extremely useful extension for Firefox as it will enhance the security of your accounts (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc.). It is a password manager, which will remove the hassles of entering your passwords for multiple accounts every time you want to log in to them. This extension for Firefox can also come in handy if you have forgotten your password.


If you want to surf the web anonymously or view the content that is restricted in your region, ExpressVPN is the extension you need to install. It is simple to use, provides a huge virtual private network worldwide, and makes your connection DNS leak protected. This extension can also prove to be useful if you are using the internet by connecting to a public Wi-Fi. It will allow safe browsing by securing your data (personal, financial, and confidential) from hackers, ISP, and third parties.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is one of the best extensions for Firefox available. It will make your system protected from virus and malicious material, which are often attached to the ads that are viewed alongside the websites we browse or the pop-ups that open.


In contrast to its name, Disconnect, actually, speeds up your connectivity. It can do so by disconnecting the ad trackers and social widgets before they are loaded. Therefore, giving you a speedy connection and reduces the risk of data loss and being tracked online by third-parties.


DownThemAll is the premium extension, which is only available in Firefox, which can completely revolutionize the way you download files on your system. It can speed up the download speed and provide you complete control over the files you are downloading.

All these extensions can help to boost the performance of the Firefox browser up to a great deal. So, get them now and enjoy the best website surfing experience.