As we all seem to use our mobile phones for just about everything these days I was recently joking with some friends about new apps that I would like to see developed to make my life even easier than it already is. I mentioned this because despite the appearance of a new function on an almost daily basis there are still, in my opinion, some glaring omissions which need to be addressed. If any developers are reading this here is what I would like to see.

Kitchen Sink

You know that old phrase about having everything but the kitchen sink? Well I think it is time for the kitchen sink to make an appearance in the world of apps. Washing up is officially a complete pain and I would like to see an app which somehow deals with the dishes for me. I confess that I do have a dishwasher and so I only require a system that will deal with loading it up. It really isn’t much to ask now is it?

Pet Care

I love my pets but sometimes they do present a bit of a problem on the time front. All I need here is a system to feed them when I am busy, administer tablets to my poor moggie who is afflicted with a heart condition, and provide a series of silly comforting noises when they want attention. With this potentially wonderful addition to my mobile I could actually interact with my pets only when it is convenient to me rather than to them and end twenty years of feline tyrannical rule.


I marvel at how often I receive inadequate service, find myself in receipt of faulty goods or have other issues which involve me having to complain. A mobile app in which you could select your current issue from a menu and then let the app deal with the complaint and compensation claim would be amazing! No more embarrassing arguments with intransigent customer service departments, no more having to check your legal rights and no more hanging on the phone for hours only to find an automated answering system or recorded message at the other end of the line. You could just get on with your life until your replacement goods or compensation arrives.


I have often had cause to mistrust the garages which are repairing my car. They seem prone to conducting unnecessary repairs, failing to correctly diagnose the problem at hand or trying to persuade me into undertaking a catalogue of work which may not need doing. Their ace card is the ignorance of consumers like me who do not know one end of an engine from another. I need an app which produces an accurate report on any faults with the car and which can tell me exactly what has been done to it by the garage. There is already an app which opens your garage doors for you so why not one which diagnoses your car’s faults?

Wishful Thinking

I suppose there is very little chance of seeing any of these apps any time soon and they may all seem a little far-fetched but then if you had told me thirty years ago that I would be able to watch movies on my phone, pay for goods in a shop with it and use it to navigate the road system of any country I would have thought you were barking! Dish washing may be just around the corner!

Author Bio: Sally Stacey is a regular blogger who is so  busy she needs some help with the chores and thinks apps are the way forward! Check her now on Google+