It is not easy to remember all the tasks which one needs to carry out in their routine. There is always a room for forgetting something because multiple ideas and things are running in our mind in any given period of time. To help you out in the organization of your tasks and making to-do lists, there is an app which will help you in gaining full control of your time. Here are some of the essential tasks which can easily be carried out with the help of this app:

Create and Organize Notes

It is easy to make notes of the important things that need to be done during a specific span of time. It is quite tedious to run errands and there is a high chance of missing something out in the rush of getting everything done. With the help of this app, you have a notepad in your hands on the go and by jotting down all the important tasks, you’ll find it easy and convenient to carry them out.

Make Shopping and Other Lists

It is not easy to remember all the items which you need in your household, therefore, making a list becomes essential. You can always come up with other lists as well like the things which you need to get done before the end of the week. This makes it easy to tick the things which have already been done.

Share Your Lists with Family and Friends

If you want someone else to perform a certain task for you then there is always an option of sharing the list with that person. This way, you can easily make someone else carry out the essential activities while you yourself are occupied in some other important work.

Voice Memos

It allows voice memos which can easily be transcribed into text. The audio is also saved for you to playback at any time in case if the transcription is a bit messed up.

Search the Item with the Help of a Photo

Click the photo of the item which you are looking for and let the app find it for you. It is that convenient, simple, and easy.
Launching the app will also become more easy with newer versions which allow you to access it by just shaking your phone. The only thing required from you is to tweak the settings in order to enable this feature. To get all your chores done right on time, get your hands on this useful app as soon as possible!