One of the impediments of Whatsapp is that you can just use it on your cell phone. But if you are not carrying your cell phone with you, then you’re surely stuck without it. There are a many reasons why you’d need to use Whatsapp on a PC running Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows vista. Checking your cell phone is a distraction that you may need to dodge while working. It’s almost impossible to change to an alternate gadget just to send some quick messages. Furthermore on if you’ve lost your cell phone, and then you may need a quick approach to message individuals and let them know. So there is good news for whatsapp user that they are soon to launch the whatsapp version specifically for web.

Actually, those leaks are spot on. Whatsapp creator/founder Jan Koum recently announced through Facebook, that the tremendously famous messaging organization has launched a web client that’ll let individuals to send messages from inside the desktop version of Google Chrome. As Koum brings up, Whatsapp for the web is just an expansion of the mobile applications you’re already acquainted with, meaning all the majority of your extensive discussions and exchanges still live essentially on your cell phone.

Here is how you can install and run whatsapp on your web client, to connect the browser to your Whatsapp client, just open in your Google Chrome. You will see a QR code – scan the code within Whatsapp, and you’re prepared to go. You have now combined Whatsapp on your cell phone with the Whatsapp web client. Your cell phone needs to stay connected with the web for the web client to work, and please make a point to install the most recent version of Whatsapp on your cell phone. Tragically for the present, they don’t have the capacity to give web clients to ISO clients because of Apple limitations.

Here’s the thing, however: Whatsapp Web obliges that you install and run the most recent version of the mobile application on your cell phone, and it might conceivably not be accessible for everybody yet. For the time being however, the customer just plays decent with windows phone, blackberry, and android cell phone versions of the application. Today, surprisingly, a huge number of people can utilize Whatsapp on the browser as well as on the cell phone. Being the top most messaging service whatsapp is expanding its services for their valued customers.