Smartphones have become an integral part of one’s business. Apps are especially helpful in the daily processes of a business especially an eCommerce one. Shipping and postage are also a major part of an eCommerce business. Here are postage apps that will surely make light of your daily load.

USPS App for iPhone

With this app, you can use your iPhone to scan the barcode on the shipping label of your package. This allows you to easily and conveniently keep track of all your packages and other mail. The label numbers are stored in the app so you can easily check the status of your shipments. The scanner is also available on the iPad.


You can also use your phone to schedule a next-day carrier pickup of your package and guess what, it’s for free! You will get an email confirmation when your request is made. It will also tell you when the package was picked up and if your request is cancelled or changed.

You can also order free expedited shipping supplies. You can view their online and retail prices. You can choose from Priority Mail or Express Mail envelopes and boxes. You then select how many you need to buy and then save a record of that transaction.

The home screen has icons for their different services so it’s easier to pick the service that you need. You can also access your saved contact list on your iPhone or iPad.

Aside from these services, you can also locate the nearest Post Office or find a ZIP code.


This app is designed to work with ELANE’s Android weighing scale. It allows you to view USPS’ mailing rates of different services. You can manually enter the weight or you can connect it to the ELANE Bluetooth Scale. The app will then weigh the items and compute its postage.

This app knows which services and special services you can combine as well as services that are restricted in specific countries.

You don’t need to connect to the Internet to calculate the postage. It will automatically look for a ZIP or zone for services that require zones. It has a complete database of major cities and countries around the world to help you easily calculate the postage for each one.

You can download free rate updates when there are major postage rate changes.

UK Royal Mail Postage FREE

This app also works with the Android ELANE weighing scale.  This app enables you to view the mailing rates of different services of Royal Mail and ParcelForce.

You can manually enter the weight up to 30,000 grams (or the maximum weight limit of the service) or you can connect it to the ELANE Bluetooth Scale to automatically weigh and calculate postage.

It knows which services you can combine. You also don’t need an Internet connection to calculate postage but you do need an Internet connection to download free rate updates when there are major postage rate changes.

These apps will surely help you increase your productivity and efficiency and in turn make your customers happy.

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