A year ago, a study by Bank of America revealed that almost 50% of US citizens would not last a day without their cell phone. If you are eagerly interested with figuring out the amount of time you spent on your cell phone, then look at the Quality time application for Android.

Not only does Quality time app shows the amount of time you spend on your cell phone, but it additionally separates the daily usage of each one of the application that you use in a timeline format. Quality time can also make graphs that demonstrate the weekly use of your applications and how frequently you open your cell phone to utilize it. You can set usage alert for individual applications if you need to strict the time that you spend on an application. A message shows up when you have utilized an application for more than assigned amount of time. There is also a very interesting feature called ‘take a break’ that helps you control your utilization of the apps. Furthermore you can have the application lock your screen for set periods of time.

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If you make a Quality time account, then you can see a detailed gadget use history for up to 6 months. The usage data will be saved in the cloud. Along these lines you can see whether you are setting aside a few minutes for reducing your cell phone habit. The creators of the Quality time application is Zero desktop. Zero desktop is known for creating an application called Dinnertime, which helps parents deal with the amount of time that children use their gadgets. Zero desktop come up with the thought for Quality time after receiving an over whelming response from the parents and they want something like dinnertime for themselves too.

Cell phone use has become so generally integrated into our daily lives, it’s very difficult for individuals to acknowledge exactly how as often and compulsively they utilize their cell phones. If you asked me whether I’m addicted to my cell phone, I would say by no way. Then I found that I spend 3 hours a day on my call phone just out of habit,” said the president of Zero Desktop.

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Zero desktop are planning to add IFTTT function to Quality time soon, giving it the capacity to interconnect with different gadgets. IFTTT is a service that can let the user create powerful connections with one simple statement: “If this, then that”. This means it would have the capacity to send an external alarm or a warning to a device if you are using it even after the set limits. For instance, you could have a light in your home which begins squinting a few times if you exceed the limits.

Quality time serves only as a good tool to help you set aside your cell phone and prioritize your quality time, other than the cell phone. Its usage and eventual success or failure will be entirely dependent on individuals.