Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been stuck in an emergency and wanted to talk to someone near to you, or you might wanted to call a colleague for something very important and they were asleep with their phone on silent or your mum or girlfriend were asleep while you were standing outside in the rain waiting for them to pick up the phone call? If yes, you are also one of those many people who have to face these situations almost on a frequent basis.

But now you no need to worry, we faced these situations as well, brainstormed a lot on this and thought about finding a solution to this problem of many. After spending a lot of time we ended up with a wonderful idea which we turned into reality. We came up with Reach, An app that will let you reach your loved ones at all times. Now you no need to wait for them to pick up your calls in any situation whether they are asleep or have their phone on silent.

What is Reach?

So what basically is Reach and how it saves you from unforeseen emergencies with whom everyone is afraid of?

Reach is an app that does wonders, it simply allows you to get in touch with the nearest ones whenever the time arrives.

Benefits of Reach:

  • An extra insurance layer
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Very time-efficient
  • No waiting for your loved ones to pick up the phone call
  • Get relieved from the stress of not being able to contact them

Reach basically bypasses the standard call receiving functionality of the saved emergency contact’s mobile phone and produces different sounds and alerts that won’t go unnoticed in any case except that if the emergency contact doesn’t have his phone nearby. It works on a few basic principles:

Step 1: Download and Install the Reach App

Step 2: Go through your contacts and sort out a list of the trusted emergency contacts.

Step 3: Wait for them to verify you as an emergency contact and you are done, your extra insurance layer has been turned on!

What did you do? Installed an app, added contacts and that’s it? Yes, that’s totally it!

There are patterns that Reach follows to make sure that your call doesn’t go unnoticed to the emergency contact, in any case, it is explained in stages below:

Stage 1: When you call the emergency contact, in the first stage the app doesn’t create chaos, it only creates 3 loud buzzes for over 2 seconds and repeats for five times with the display blinking like strobe lights. Also, a message appears on the display informing the emergency contact that they need you and it stays there until the call is answered.

Stage 2: If the emergency contact doesn’t notice the call and the call goes unnoticed the app will automatically increase the volume in the beeps and will increase the frequency of beeps with an added layer of pager beeps.

Stage 3: Even when the second stage goes unnoticed, Reach doesn’t stop, we want you to reach your contact and for this we have the third stage which won’t go unnoticed in any case if the emergency contact has the phone nearby, the beeps will go off without any interval and an added very high volume siren-like tone is played every three seconds.

Stage 4: All of this repeats again and again and the volume rises every time the repetition is made, this makes sure that the emergency contact picks up the call even if they are heavy sleepers. And also it will send a notification on the receiver’s phone to request the caller to send their GPS location.

Benefits of using Reach App

Why Reach?

Many smartphones nowadays have emergency contact features but what differentiates Reach from all of those features is its ease of use and the universality across all the devices. If you go for the default emergency contact features of your smartphone, you might not be able to find it as every smartphone has different settings and no one has enough time to look for those options.

You might be wondering there are third-party applications available why should we use Reach?

Reach is different from all of those apps as Reach utilizes all the components of the smartphone that can help in alerting your emergency contact, whether it is the GPS option, all the speakers, flashlight or the display.

Reach has a very user-friendly design with a very simple outlook, anyone can use it without seeking help, and the user interface is very clear and self-explanatory.

Reach can be used on all devices in which applications can be downloaded, Reach is not limited to a single platform, it is a cross platform app which is something not everyone offers.