Do you want to recover deleted photos for your android phone? Did you accidentally delete photos and wish to recover them? Then you need to check out the free photo recovery app for android phone that has taken the android world by a storm.

FindMyPhoto is not your average android photos recovery app. It offers much more to users. Unlike other apps which claim to help you recover photos for your android phone, FindMyPhoto actually recovers the deleted photos in no time.

Absolutely Free

Why spend money on useless apps which do not fulfill what they claim when you can use FindMyPhoto which recovers deleted photos for free for all types of android tablets and phones. Head over to Google Play Store to download this app. It is the ultimate free android app for photo recovery. There are absolutely no hidden charges for using the app. It is absolutely 100 percent free.

  • There are no privacy risks.
  • No such thing as having to pay to use the app.
  • No feature limitation.
  • There are no pop-up ads to worry about.

Recover Various Picture File Types

Easily recover PNG, JPEG/ JPG picture file types for all android phones. There is no need to use the computer or root the android phone. Both internal and external recovery is allowed. The app will retrieve lost photos from the external memory card or the internal storage.

FindMyPhoto – Recover Photos on Android Phones

Recover Photos for Android Phones No Matter How You Ended Up Losing Them

When you use FindMyPhoto, there is no need to worry about how you lost the pictures as the app recovers the photos for you. Whether you accidentally deleted the pictures or lost them, you can have them recovered with just a few taps on the screen.

Photo Recovery from Water Damage or Physical Damage

Even if there is water damage to your android phone, the app will recover the pictures for you. It is completely normal to drop your phone while on the toilet or when taking a picture of the fish. The water damage will not impact the effectiveness of the app. If the phone screen is broken due to a crash or fall, the data will still be recovered by the app.

Download the App

Download the app for the latest Android OS, whether you have a Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei, Vivo or Motorola.