BlinkFeed is one of those apps in HTC which was disabled by many users in past. But now after its new updates, the apps functionality increased and became useful to be used in Home screen of your android device. Users can use it as social networking and news aggregator. HTC finally made valuable updates in BlinkFeed for latest versions of HTC and coming ones. All you need is to set this app properly to enjoy the ride of benefits from this all-you-can-eat app.

  • Keep This App On The Home Screen

In Sense 6, BlinkFeed is by default pinned to the left top corner of the display. Swipe right to spot this app and then swipe over it once more which will bring out the menu with the help of which you can add content, search and adjust some settings. Highlights can be tapped to have quick list of latest updates or you can select any other social feed to view your desired content. If you want to add content, only you have to search for the required content in the app search bar. After entering any data for search, you will be returned list of results related to your inserted query. If any RSS feed is associated with the particular term, then there will be offer to get subscribed for it.

  • Use BlinkFeed For Check Up On Friends

If you don’t want to open separate apps for separate social networks to check that what your friends are doing there, then you can use this app for checking all the postings. You can connect to your social networks under Settings menu. In Settings menu, go to Services & Apps, here you can choose to connect to any social network you want like Facebook, Google+, Linkedln, Twitter and Instagram. Once you get connected with your social networks, you can easily jump between status updates of different networks with news content. You can also select from navigational menu for one individual social network of your choice. You don’t need to launch every app of social networking for posting and commenting as BlinkFeed is there for you. With this amazing app, you can comment on posts, can post status messages and can like posts directly from interface of Blinkfeed.

  • For Offline Reading Sync Content

From Settings panel in BlinkFeed, you can enable offline news reading to check BlinkFeed without any connection with the network. If you want to save your internet downloading, you can restrict it to ‘Text Only’ to download only text for you. But if you want to have full articles with images and all stuff, then ‘Full article’ option can be used for sync of all text and images in every refresh of the app content.

  • Read It Later Stuff

Do you love to collect stuff to read later in some apps like Evernote or Pocket? Do you have these read it later apps installed? If you have, then you can easily add them to your Blinkfeed.

The new updates in the app BlinkFeed are much more customizable and user-friendly. They are elegant solution for most of the users then in the past.