Move Over! Pelfy is here. If you don’t know the app yet, then you need to download it now to get an idea about it. It is available for Google Play. There is nothing like it. When we think about remittances, we usually think about Money Gram or Western Union. The thing about these conventional service providers is that they are not prepared for the 21st century and do not provide you with the benefits that Pelfy can.

Social Wallet App

Pelfy is one of a kind. It is a social wallet app which revolutionizes the remittances industry as it allows you to save money while receiving or sending money. Yes, that’s actually possible with Pelfy. It is quite simple how Pelfy works.

Earn Bitcoin

When users use the app, they earn Bitcoin for free. It allows you to earn Bitcoin rewards without even having to understand how cryptocurrency works. Bitcoin is the future of currency and if you want to increase your chances of a wealthier future then it is also possible through sending or receiving remittances via the app.

Chat With Friends

If you thought that the app was just plain functional, then think again. It even lets you be Social as it allows you to chat with your friends on the app. Now, when you send money to a loved one, you don’t even have to leave the app as you can let them know on the app.

Send Money Instantly

On top of saving money, you get to send money instantly. All it takes is a tap on the screen after filling the details of the beneficiary’s details and the amount that you want to send would be instantly sent. This is a first in the remittances industry.

Saves Time

Unlike before, where beneficiaries and remitters had to visit a bank or remittance office to send the money, remitters would be able to send the money from wherever they are, even the comfort of their home. Whether you are on a holiday and want to avoid the hassle of heading over to the remittance office, or you are a working professional who does not have the time to go and collect the money, the money would change hand instantly. This ultimately helps save time.

Earn Interest

When you use the Pelfy platform, you will also earn interest on the money. Users get to earn interest on their savings balance and see it grow every single time.

Easily Send Money

All you need is a QR code, wallet name or phone number to send payments to anyone. Deposit and withdraw instantly. Download the Pelfy app and change the way you do Remittances!