In today’s world, social networking is the most vigorously used keyword term. The people of different ages are involved using social networking services. There is a common perception that only youngster are mostly embroil to use social networks for having great time ahead. But social networks are now used by almost every age group except non-adults of below age 16. Basically, social networking apps are web based services in which people meet and communicate with each other. Every social network allows their user to create their profile with detailed information like where they live? What did they do?

In past, these services were used only on computers and laptops, but due to larger number of smartphones developed by many manufactures allow the users to have access to the social network through smartphone applications. Here are best social networking applications for your smartphone which you can download from Google Play Store easily.

  • Facebook

If we think about social network in our mind, then the first name comes will be Facebook as it is the number 1 social networking platform. In 2004, this service was introduced and spread across the world like a fever in few years. The reason of holding number 1 position in social networking services is due to their simple and attractive design. One can easily create its Facebook profile by simply signing up by giving some personal details. You can download the application from Play Store.

  • Twitter

Twitter is another great social networking service which was firstly called as tweet. This application allows you to get latest updates about your favorite celebrities and their recent activities through their tweets. Twitter application is also available in Google Play Store and you can easily download it for free.

  • Google+

This one is for Google lovers. The famous and most used search engine Google also introduced its social networking service website named as Google+. The uniqueness in this social network is the amazing feature called hangouts through which users can enjoy video conference as well as chatting. The term used for making new friends is known as circle in this network. If you want to be a part of this social network, then you can download it from your smartphone by visiting Google Play Store.

  • LinkedIn

The most famous social network in corporate world. When you make your profile in this social network, you will see many people already in there with same education or profession like yours. The profile can be called as your portfolio with the glimpse from your professional life. You can easily download it from Play Store to have instant access through your smartphone.

  • Instagram

Through the help of instagram, the sharing of your pictures with the world becomes so easy. If you love to capture yourself with the memorable movements and want to share those movements with the whole world, then you can just download this amazing social networking app from the Google Play Store and stay connected while using your smartphone.