The stock business has become a pioneering industry in the recent years and there is always a necessity to check on the regular updates of stock. With the advancement in technology, all this information can be accessed over your Smart devices. The iPhone can provide you with best of stock updates and all the stock news from around the globe. Here is a list of some of the best iPhone stock market apps –

  • CNBC Real-Time for iPad – CNBC Real-Time tops the stock market apps with its incredible feature of providing real time market update from NYSE and NASDAQ. Some of the exceptional features like – Real-Time and Interactive Charts, Company specific news, key metrics, Unique Stock Watch lists, Instant Analysis, Unparalleled Market Data, top business news, and much more. The app comes with a customer interface and includes 150 news clips.

  • Bloomberg for iPad – One of the best apps designed to gain global business and finance news, market data, portfolio tracking tools, with over 30 categories ranging from Economy, Technology, Emerging Markets, Commodities, Politics, Personal Finance, Bonds, Currencies, Funds, etc. The app also provides Market Data, Tools & Visualizations, stock quotes, interviews and much more.
  • StockTouch – StockTouch is an app designed to analyze the stock activities and helps to gather financial data. The app provides the user with various features like monitor on specific stock prices, volume, case studies, etc. It also includes 9 sectors, 4,000 companies, 30,000 charts, and much more. The user can also utilize the personalized Heat Map feature, which displays market capitalization data of over 900 US as well as 900 Global organizations. The Data in the app is updated regularly on the trading days.
  • MarketWatch Market Data App – The MarketWatch Market Data App is designed and developed by the market leaders- Dow Jones & Company, Inc. The app provides an overview about the market news. It provides information about   Industries, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Currencies, Bonds, and Market Analysis. The app is also integrated with The Wall Street Journal, which provides latest news about the Stock Market. The user can share news and quotes through various Social Media sites.
  • Stock Board Free – Stock Board app helps the user to gather complete Stock market information with indexes, ETFs, currencies and much more. The app comes with some exceptional features like Customized presentation style, access to various financial sites like Yahoo, Google, and Reuters, and Voice Over access.

This post has been contributed by Julian Robert – works with Zco’s iPhone application development team as a copywriter.