We all love taking pictures of special events, but why not take videos instead? Back in the day, there were plenty of reasons not to: Video cameras were clunky, it was hard to watch what you recorded and nobody ever carried around a camera all the time. However, smartphones have changed all of that. In today’s world, everyone with a smartphone has an able video camera in his or her pocket. Here are some reasons why taking film from your phone is easier than ever.

The quality is great.

While you won’t shoot an Oscar-worthy movie from your phone, that doesn’t mean the quality of your video should suffer. With increasingly clear cameras, recording is becoming clearer, as well. Videos taken from your phone are no longer pixilated and choppy. The iPhone 4 was the first phone to support 720p HD video recording, and its successors have followed suit. So don’t be afraid to record special moments with video instead of posing for a single picture.

Sharing is easy.

Watching a video recorded on a video camera used to be a big deal. You could always view it on the tiny screen on the camera itself, but connecting it to the TV was a pain. Nowadays, smartphone video recording allows people to take their videos and share them with a press of a button. You can send videos taken on your phone to other phones and computers with ease. When synching your device to your computer, you can automatically upload all videos recorded. This ease of sharing makes taking videos on your phone much more worthwhile, because people can actually see them.

Editing at your fingertips.

Film editing used to be an aspiring recorder’s worst nightmare. After the problem of getting the footage to a device that could edit it, the process was clunky and difficult. Today, the very same phone that you took your video with can now be used to professionally edit it. iPhone video editing is even simpler with countless apps at your disposal, such as Givit.

Stop huddling around and awkwardly posing for a picture. Stay in the moment and capture the spirit of it with a video. Hear your friends laugh or the ocean lap at the beach. You can always extract pictures from videos, but having the actual video will be second to none. Relive special moments over and over again film right from your phone!

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