Entrepreneurs do not always have the time to make delivery of all products and goods demanded due to the bulky nature of the demands as well as other transportation and logistics issue. Should this be the case, the next line of action is on how to effectively manage time, boost productivity as well as get the best of time in delivering first-class services to your customers to build customers trust and sustain the working relationship.

Over the years, there have been numerous delivery apps but they are often used in the food industry. However, these delivery apps have surfaced to provide tremendous ease of doing business to help remove the stress of transportation of products delivery as well as help with logistics problem. These apps are courier software which also helps to boost dispatching deliveries in small and medium-sized businesses.

The development of these apps is to primarily help with the provision of the following services which often come in the form of features.

  • Offline Support: Although the world is becoming completely digitized, however, it is pertinent that the delivery app of your choice gives an offline performance even in areas where the internet is not accessible. Research shows that a high percent of logistics works are done on the road hence the time to continuously connect to the internet. Offline support availability helps to resolve the last mile which may affect the totality of the dispatching deliveries This gives entrepreneurs the ability to make proper records of data even at the absence of internet availability.
  • Tracking System Availability; Entrepreneurs has to assign responsibilities to several team members who are of the same like mind to achieve the set goal: exchange value for the price. When an order is made and the demanded products are to be delivered, a driver could be assigned to make the delivery of the products. It is pertinent to ensure transparency on both ends. While the customer monitors the movement of the products. The entrepreneur, on the other hand, has to monitor the driver’s movement, his/her driving speed, halts in real time. It is also pertinent to say that these apps are often smartphone-enabled hence it can work on both IOS and Android. This involves the tracking of the vehicle, as well as the shipment
  • Drivers Log: Drivers have quite an handful of information which is very vital to measuring the productivity of the business as well as other grades according to the ELD While deciding which delivery app to choose, it is pertinent that you look out for those that enables your drivers to upload information as regards the business: this may include the number of pickups and delivery made as well as the total number of hours used to work.

Though there are numerous delivery apps which are mobile and smartphone compatible, some of the top five ranking delivery apps which aid dispatching deliveries include:

  • Uber: Uber is a global transportation and logistics app which help people to move from one place to another with just a simple click of the app. Uber solves the problem of logistics solved by hiring skilled drivers who takes customers to their desired destination
  • Dolly: Moving from one location to another could be stressful and demands that the service of a rental can be required. Dolly, readily comes to mind when services which require little pickups are to be made
  • Postmates: This is one of the ultimate dispatching deliveries software which makes a general delivery of needs except with the exception of few such as gift cards, animals and controlled substance.
  • Saucey: Saucey is unique and specific in its dealing. It offers the service of delivering of only beers, and wine.