Beauty is now determined by the AI of the beholder, or at least when it comes to Tinder. The popular dating app is currently experimenting with an artificial intelligence tool designed to curate users’ most attractive photos for their profiles, to increase the likelihood of getting the right swipe.

The AI tool will examine a user’s photo album and carefully choose the five images that best portray their true essence.

AI has the potential to address individuals’ worries about selecting the most representative picture of themselves. By utilizing AI, the stress of choosing the perfect photo can be alleviated.

AI can significantly assist users in creating improved profiles that better showcase their personalities.

Bernard Kim – CEO of Match Group (Parent Company of Tinder)

Bernard Kim announced that Match Group would be introducing several initiatives that leverage generative AI to tackle dating’s awkwardness and enhance the overall rewarding experience for users. These initiatives are aimed at making the dating process smoother and more enjoyable by incorporating AI technology.

Tinder explores AI features, embracing technology for a significant role in dating. In a shareholder letter, Match Group discussed using AI to enhance user experience. The focus is on relevant content, better relevancy, and reducing left swipes.

According to Match Group, Tinder boasts over 75 million active users.

The app might incorporate generative AI, a technology capable of producing convincing text and images upon request, to assist users in crafting their bios. Although the bio feature is currently in its preliminary phase and accessible only in test markets, it employs an AI system to propose personalized text tailored to the “interests” and “relationship goals” sections of users’ profiles.

Mark Van Ryswyk – Chief Product Officer of Tinder

According to Van Ryswyk, a recent study conducted by Tinder revealed that one-third of its members would be enthusiastic about using generative AI to aid them in creating their profiles.

Tinder’s choice to integrate AI aligns with the growing prevalence of AI in the dating world.

The growing adoption of AI in dating apps can be attributed to “dating fatigue.” This term refers to people feeling worn out or frustrated by not achieving the desired results in their dating experiences.

Crafting a perfect bio without sounding cringey or desperate can be challenging, and AI presents an opportunity to optimize the time spent on dating apps.

Crystal Cansdale – Head of Communications at the Dating App Inner Circle

Nevertheless, Crystal Cansdale emphasized that AI also introduces its own set of challenges. “We cannot overlook the significant concern of safety,” she stated. The industry deeply worries about scammers, spammers, and fake profiles misusing AI to deceive people.

In recent times, a flurry of new AI-enhanced dating apps has emerged, offering unique and innovative features. Teaser AI enables users to chat with AI versions of potential matches before swiping. Blush lets users enhance “relationship skills” by flirting with its chatbot. Flamme AI offers an AI-powered “ask me anything” feature, providing relationship advice and tips.

Last year, Bumble implemented AI technology to detect and prevent unsolicited nude images, taking a stand against cyber flashing. Whitney Wolfe Herd, the app’s CEO, mentioned considering AI to simplify online dating profile creation.

Tinder stated that generative AI would be instrumental in aiding people to discover matches.

Earlier this year, OKCupid announced its plan to incorporate AI-written matching questions into its app, following a positive reception to its ChatGPT-generated matching questions.

A recent study by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, with Inner Circle, surveyed UK singles to study ChatGPT’s impact on dating.

The study revealed that over half of single men (more than 50%) expressed a willingness to utilize chatbots to facilitate conversations with potential dates. Additionally, more than 52% of single men showed interest in using chatbots to manage multiple conversations simultaneously on dating apps. Among single adults, the majority expressed a preference for employing ChatGPT to aid with online conversations. However, only 37% of respondents were open to using it to improve their dating profiles.

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