Apple’s app store is full of many creative applications. Apple keeps on making new additions to it. iPhone has many apps for taking photos and editing them in a creative way. Many iPhone photo apps allow the user to apply filter effects on the photos for giving vintage look to the photo or adding vignette shadows or applying clipart to the photo. You can also fix the problems like red-eye and overexposure and underexposure to the light. On the basis of popularity and the quality features offered in the apps, I have listed down the most creative apps of iPhone and iPad.

1. Instagram

Instagram is on the top most position in my list. It is liked by most of the people because it provides a large amount of editing options to the user. You can either edit the existing photos in your mobile or can also take photos using this app. After taking pictures, you can quickly upload them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. It provides some excellent quality features to the user for editing the photo. Because of its unique features, this application was named as Year’s top application by Apple.

2. Retro Camera

Retro Camera application is a lot similar to Instagram and allows the user to apply overall effects on his photos.  For choosing that which affect the user would like to apply on his photo, he has to firstly select one out of six available cameras which are Barbl, Little Orange Box, Xolaroid 2000, Pinhole Camera, Fudge Can and Hipsteroku. The camera selection is based on the original camera in the mobile.

3. CamWow

CamWow is a free iPhone application which is a complete fun for the users. It provides option for applying some surreal and trippy features to the photos.  It has a variety of features like night vision, thermal, pop art and x-ray effects. By using this application, you can distort your pictures, apply bulge, stretch or squeeze effect. It is a creative application for those who want to play with their mobile’s camera all the time.

4. Postagram

This application is a great way for saying hello to one of your old friends. It is a famous application which is based on quite ingenious concept. What you can do with this application is that you just select a photo from your mobile or a photo edited using the above mentioned apps and then create a real seal something like a postcard and sail mail it to the person of your choice from your contact list for only 99 cents. The photos produced using this application are of high quality i.e 300 dpi and are printed on a classic and eye catching black postcard layout.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

This is another famous photo editing application of iphone. The editing features of this application are further broken down it more simple edit steps. You can edit your photo, crop it, rotate it or adjust its color.  The difference of this application from other applications is that it provides different editing options rather than applying a predesigned filter as in Instagram or Retro Camera.