They are thousands of free applications available on Android. If you are looking for the list of the top free Android apps, then here they are listed below with a little description



The Zeebox has been designed to keep you up to date with the timings of your favourite TV programs. News regarding the programs are also displayed in the app. You can also interact with other people on this app and can know what most of the people like to watch and which shows are hit on TV. Moreover, you can check out what your friends are watching on TV these days and even get news about your favourite TV stars.

SketchBook Mobile Express


The SketchBook Mobile Express is a professional-grade paint application on Android. A plus point of this app is that the options menu remains hidden and only pops up when you need it and hence provides the maximum screen surface for drawing. In this app you, you can render at most three layers and can also import snaps from your gallery. Many types of brushes and text tool with many font options is provided in the menu.

 The Score


As the name of the app suggests, the Score lets you to remain up to date with your favourite sports matches. From basketball to tennis you can add any type of sport in the app. You can also add up to five leagues into the app and remain up to date with latest development in the league standings. Moreover, you can also interact with the other fans and share your views with them.



This is a very good app  for customization your phone’s entire look. There is a large amount of database of ringtones, notifications and desktop wallpapers associated with the app. You can change the ringtones on your phone and can also customize the desktop. The only problem with the app is that it is add supported but the good thing is that it offers you all the customization options for free which a fair trade off.


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Skifta has been designed to transfer the data from your phone to and DLNA certified device. Besides sending data to your computer, you can also get access to the content on your computer when you are out of home. In simple terms it means that you can show your photos to your friend at his home which physically reside in your home. Moreover, you can also display them on a DLNA certified TV or transfer your playlist