Money is tight for many families today and everyone is looking for a way to make more savings. However, many people do not realize that among the easiest areas to help with this goal is energy usage and efficiency. Most people just use energy without knowing how much this usage affects their wallets and daily lives or even how energy consumption can be reduced overall. Luckily, there are various smartphone apps available that can help you control your energy usage and get rid of those energy hogging practices once and for all. Here is a look at the top 5 home energy efficiency apps.

1. Kill-Ur-Watts

This app is designed to make you aware of your energy habits by using your energy consumption information from monthly bills to follow up your electricity usage in due course. Using these statistics, Kill-Ur-Watts suggests ways through which you can fight energy wastage and it also displays your carbon footprint. You can engage those among your friends who are fascinated by this and see who saves most energy using the energy score given to each of you. This home energy efficiency app is free.


2. Energy Cost Calculator

This is another free of charge app available for download. Energy Cost Calculator allows you to input specific wattage info about any as well as all appliances so that you can see the exact cost of running them. By giving the watts (amount of energy usage), the number of hours daily the appliance is used and the price of electricity in your area, you are able to see the exact cost of using that refrigerator or washing machine.

energ cost calculator

3. NestMobile

This home energy efficiency app only works for people with the Nest Learning Thermostat but it is essential to understand how much can be saved by a programmable thermostat in wasteful energy usage. Installation of the Nest Learning Thermostat could reduce cooling and heating costs by about 20 percent. The NestMobile app lets you change your home’s temperature from anyplace with a mobile phone connection, which helps you conserve energy when you are not at home and adjusting the environment before arriving.


4. VELObill

VELObill gives you a wonderful amount of insights into where your energy usage is coming from and your ranking relative to your region and neighbors. In addition to tracking electricity consumption, this app measures natural gas and water usage. Since this app allows you to measure and compare your energy usage against others whilst taking account of devices and appliances being used in the house, this helps you to identify trouble places and gives you ways of reducing your overall bills’ prices.


5. Electrify

This app puts energy efficiency tools and information in its users’ hands. By offering a range of guides and calculators to reduce your energy usage along with cutting energy loss around the house, you can save energy and reduce waste around the home. This will finally lower your monthly utility bills and help you save more money. With Electrify, you have no excuse as far as not being informed about home improvements that help you to save energy is concerned.


Author Bio: Robbie is a techie who loves to keep up to date with all the latest technology and apps and spending his pay check on tablets and gadgets. He gets lots of opportunity to use his gadgets working for a Perth building company who specialises in luxury two storey home designs.