Whether you are attending an important meeting with client or going for a meeting with higher management, the use of technology is taking boom. Especially there is no term like paper work at office. Everything is increasingly shifting towards technology. It’s the era of Androids. According to one research 65% of global Smartphone owners use Android OS and as a part of Android users you must be looking for free note taking apps that can increase your employee efficiency and give an impact that your are adapting according to the changes. Today I am going to tell you free Android app that you can use while taking notes. Though, the use of apps is not limited to employees, even if you are student or a mothers who want to take the to do list, you can do that too.

1. Google Keep

It’s an app created by Google and assist you in making short notes. You can also add images, videos and sound in your notes. For better categorization you can also make notes of different colors. Do you want to sync notes across multiple devices? No worries it will let you do that.

2. ColorNote Notepad Notes

The idea of sticky notes widget is always best and this notepad app provides you the same on your screen. This let you reminds your tasks. One interesting features is password lock note, SD card storage and search notes options. You can also share notes via Twitter, email, SMS or other similar tools.

3. Evernote

This app is famous one. This app let you record voice memos, making to do lists and arranging the notes too. It’ll let you add images, videos and audios in the list. The syncing option makes it more helpful for users. One handy option is sharing your notes on Facebook and Twitter. By using premium service of this app you can include additional features like offline notebooks, search notes and lock notes option.

4. SomNote

It is another beautiful note taking app. It allows users to manage them in color-coded folders. Attaching media files is another plus in it. Can you believe it offer 100MB storage of files that are attached with the notes? However, like other apps you can also share your notes on social networks and can do keyword search of your notes.

5. Any Do Task List & To-do List

Again you can make notes and manage them effectively. One great thing Any.Do offer is that once you complete your task you can remove it by just shaking your phone. It can also convert your words in to language. You just need to tap the microphone icon. You can also personalize it according to your taste.

So are you all set to install. Let me know if you have any concerns about using it.