In this technology era, many of us are doing online business while some are found of buying things from internet online. For all those purposes, we need to transfer our money online. If you want to buy a mobile phone from online store, then you may need to pay through your online banking account. In this article, I will reveal top ranked and best useful android apps to pay and transfer your money online. Let’s try to understand each of them in detail.

  • Google Wallet

Google Wallet

Google is emerging into every field of business and technology day by day. Google search engine is the best example, as it is the most used search engine in the world. Google wallet is another great service offered by Google for its users. It is getting popular day by day. The working of this application is very easy, you can create the payment system quite easily. You will only need to create a PIN number and entering your card details in this application. To ensure security, you can use cloud connection to shut down your Google wallet account in case of mobile lost.

  • PayPal


The most used and powerful online transaction application is PayPal. Professional businessman and business companies are using their services. You can receive as well as transfer money from one account to another. You can also pay your bills through the use of this application. In order to use this service in your mobile phone, you just need to link your PayPal account with your smartphone and all done. After linking, you can proceed your transactions through the use of this app.

  • GoPayment


It is another useful app for your android phone to done your money transaction process online in easy manner. This is a paid app. On every transaction, there will be deduction of small percentage from the total amount or you can subscribe for their monthly plan.

  • Venmo


It is basically a pay-by-text service available for its users to send money to one another by using their system. You can even pay to your Facebook contacts by using this application. There is limitation on the payment on week basis. You can make maximum payment of $2000 weekly. The users will be notified by text message about their money transaction.

  • Square


Another online money transfer and pay application in our list is Square. It is the widely used app by android and iPhone users. You can make payment to your friend or any employee by just typing the name saved in the app. There are round about 75000 users of this application.

So, these are some of the best and top ranked apps through which you can easily transfer or pay money online on your smartphone. I hope you find any of the above suitable for your transaction process. If you are using any other service, then let me know by commenting below.