iPhone offers a wide array of apps that help make life a little easier. If you are managing an event then your iPhone can be your best helper with the managing and organizing that certain apps have to offer. Depending on the event there are plenty of apps to choose from that will convert your mobile into the ultimate event planner and manager. Here are just a few iPhone Apps that are catered towards helping to manage events.


Grupio is a trusted app that is used worldwide to help manage events. Once you upload your spreadsheet of event information into Grupio it will provide basic information about your event to your intended attendees. You can edit and republish your information anytime as well. Grupio will also link to your registration page allowing easy access to register for the event. There will be rotating banner ads displayed and Grupio will showcase the sponsors of the events. Grupio will also organize your event by providing a detailed multi- day schedule that links to surveys, maps, and relevant documents. Grupio also offers a multi-event designed app that would be helpful to individuals that host multiple events during the year because the app will provide continuous data of the events throughout the year.



Eventbrite is another mobile app that caters towards event management. With Eventbrite, you will create an event webpage that is accessible anywhere whether on a mobile device or online. Once your event page is completed you will then promote your event through social media to get the word out. The app allows you to track the current attendance of the event and view your ticket and registration sales. Eventbrite allows for tickets to be purchased by a variety of payment options such a credit cards or Paypal and attendees can pay right on their mobile device. Once you have promoted your event you can use Eventbrite to check in your attendees at the event. Eventbrite allows you to go paperless since attendees have the ability to access their tickets through the Eventbrite app. Eventbrite is the ideal app for if you plan to sell tickets to your event and track sales.


Zerista is the ideal mobile app if you are managing a conference-based event. Zerista is an award winning mobile app that can be integrated with iPhone, iPad, and Android. Zerista will give a interactive conference schedule that allows you to track each exhibit. Zerista will give attendees of the conference each exhibitor listing with an included venue map, detailed information of the exhibit, and an interactive expo of the exhibitor listing. Zerista also allows all of your attendees of the conference to network and to be linked to each other’s social media outlet. Zerista has the option to be linked with Salesforce so you can track your sales and current leads through your mobile device as well.

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This is a listing of popular and trusted apps that are used every day to help manage and coordinate events in all categories. Explore the different capabilities of each of the mobile apps to evaluate which app would work best for your specific event.

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