Windows Phone is quite new as compared to the iOS and Android and its application store is building day by day. Here are some top Windows Phone applications listed for you:



This is a free photo editing app having a lot of options packed into its simple interface. In the Basic Edit category, there are tools to crop, resize and rotate images. There are sliding scales in the app which allow the user to change the colour temperature, brightness and exposure. There are tools for sharpening the images, resize and crop them.

A wide range Windows Phone is quite new as compared to the iOS and Android and its application store is of the Instagram style filter and frames are also available in the app. You can also put your images from your local drives into the SkyDrive. Although the Fhotoroom is quite an extensive tool but still it is also upgradable to the Fhotoroom Pro.



TuneIn is one of the most  popular radio tools available in Windows app store. This application has passed from many evolutionary stages until we have got its present form. The TuneIn has got all the features which you can expect from a radio tuner application to have. It can store a hundred of radio stations inside it and divides according to their region. There is also an option in the Tune In to filter the radio stations according to the language. Moreover, TuneIn supports podcasts as well and can organize the shows into genres.



The Toolbox is a clever multitasking application. This application can do a lot of tasks and perform utility operations. It has got a built in calculator, a weather forecaster, a tool for the clock and also a small web browser. The most amazing feature of the app is that if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your Windows Phone, a host of different layouts is shown. In these layouts, two and six windows are included on each one. You can make your different apps run in each of these windows and hence it is a great app for multitasking. You can also have six pre-set configurations on this application.

News Bento


This application has been designed for keeping tabs on multiple news sources. This application is fully customizable. The hundreds of the news resources are grouped into six categories i.e. News, Business, Technology, Photo and Design, Entertainment and Sports. You just tap on a logo and it is added or removed from the New Bento. You can also have your own entries into the News Bento. This interface of this application is quite interactive having rotating tiles in it. This application is available in both dark and light themes.Runtastic



Runtastic is a free fitness application that can be used for tracking your training progress. This application uses the GPS in your mobile and in this way records the amount of distance travelled by you. From the amount of the distance travelled, it further calculates the number of calories burned by you. This application is ideal for different outdoor activities like running, walking and cycling. This application can also be used for indoor workouts also. You can also upload your records to the Runtastic website and can get a full analysis of your workouts and activities.


As the name suggests, Handyscan is a very handy application for scanning your documents and saving them into your mobile. This application can be used for scanning anything for which you will use a traditional scanner. The scanned document can be saved in either JPG format or PDF format. You can also upload them to the SkyDrive or DropBox or send them to a friend via email.