In the world of internet, Yahoo is a well-known giant. It was founded by Jerry Yang in 1994. There are many applications provided by yahoo for public to make their life easy and enjoyable through the use of these applications. In this article, I will explore top yahoo apps for your smartphone and personal computer to make your life easy.

  • Yahoo Mail

This application is designed for multitasking purpose. It gives you ease to see your latest mails received and sent along with 1TB of free storage to store almost unlimited emails. You will be notified about any new email received so that you never miss any important email.

  • Yahoo Weather

Do you want to stay updated about latest weather updates? No worries, Yahoo is here to help you out in this situation. There is Yahoo Weather app which will stay you tuned right in your hand about latest forecast. You can get the upcoming forecast details of 5 to 10 days.

  • Yahoo Search

Another stunning and very useful application for smartphone users is Yahoo Search. You can explore anything easily and the results will be shown in front of you in no time. There is interesting feature in yahoo search that you can search anything by using your voice instead of words.

  • Yahoo Finance

If you are a businessman, then there is interesting application for you named as Yahoo Finance. This app will ensure that you are up to date with the current market. You will get latest alerts, news and articles about finance in this application with neat and clean look.

  • Yahoo Sports

Are you a sportsman or sport lover, there is a gift for you from yahoo as Yahoo Sports. This application will ensure that you are informed about latest sports news along with detailed stats of matches between teams.

  • Yahoo Fantasy

The number 1 best and interesting fantasy game application for your smartphone. A must have application to have the journey to the world of fantasy. The features in this application includes updates of players, analysis of experts and tools to manage your favorite teams. You can enjoy Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Hockey and last but not the least Fantasy Football in one app.

  • Yahoo Screen

If you want to watch yahoo videos online, then Yahoo Screen is the best application for this purpose. You can enjoy different kind of category videos like Comedy, Romance, Drama and soaps. Another must have application from Yahoo to make your everyday life easy.

  • Yahoo News

If you want to stay updated about the recent activities and happenings in the world, then you must have Yahoo News application in your smartphone. The detailed news along with the main headlines can stay you updated all the time. The layout of this application is neat and clean as other yahoo applications.